Meet Maddie.

Hello…I’m Maddie Skinner. I’m not a Harvey by name anymore, but the blood’s still there. I’m a new wife (as of June 12, 2009), and I have to admit, a rather inexperienced cook. However, I’m married to a true country boy, and he’s slowly shaping me into a home coookin’ expert…emphasis on the slowly part. ;-)

I’m a college student, majoring in graphic design; I work as a graphic designer at Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company; and I love the graphic arts in general. For fun, I love reading, particularly Harry Potter, Jane Austen, and Lord of the Rings…and I’m recently a huge fan of the TV series Lost.

When I’m not soaking up the entertainment world, I’m fixing up our little apartment, making it as homey as possible, enjoying our church, and hanging out with family. To read some of my personal adventures on the newlywed frontier, you can visit my blog:
two cent cup of coffee.

Enjoy your cooking endeavors and our family’s collection of rocking recipes.

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