Meet Cindy

Hello!  I'm Cindy, located in a swivel chair in NE Indiana. I'm wife to Karen's oldest son Chris,

and mama to 6 kids and 2 kids-in-law.

I've dabbled in many creative endeavors besides procreating, though. Currently, I make and sell handmade soap, infant slings, and revamped furniture. I've homeschooled 12 years and doula'ed for 5.  I dig interior design, and have another blog chronicling my decorating adventures at cottage instincts.

I also blog about our homeschooling adventures on
the harvey files.

I've gathered many recipes that were favorites from my childhood, easy for me as a newlywed, and great for a family full of picky eaters.  Hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions about any of my recipes, feel free to email me anytime by clicking the button with the cherry over yonder on the right.


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