Here's a rundown on how our online cookbook works:
There's two ways to find what you're looking for:  
Either way, you're just two clicks away from every recipe!
You'll find all the general categories along the top.  
Just click which type of recipe you're looking for, and that will bring up a page full of links to specific recipes from each of us.  
Then click the title of a recipe and there it is!

 If you're looking for more specific recipes (say you need a main dish with BEEF or an appetizer that's a DIP), search the labels on the sidebar.  That will take you to all the posts with those key words.  There will also be a box at the top of that page where you can click 'older posts' to continue seeing recipes matching your label as sometimes there are so many, they can't fit on one page.

If you have a question about using the blog format to find a recipe, don't hesitate to email us by clicking the cherry 'email me' button at the top of the sidebar.  We'll get right back to you :)

We have added all the personal things we wrote in the originals, and will be adding pictures of finished dishes as we make them.  What's a blog without pictures?

Along the sidebar, you can also read a bit about each of the Harvey girls and see pictures of their families.  Just click our pictures.  We'll also be adding pertinent links to other useful cooking sites around the web.  And again, if you have any questions at all, simply click the cherry 'email me' button at the top of the sidebar.  We'd love to hear from you!

So without further ado, we present:
Those Harvey Girls are Cookin'! 
otherwise known as:
The Harvey Family Cookbook

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