Meet Karen

Yep, that's me. Don't I have a great bunch of girls? God blessed me with four wonderful sons so these daughters-in-law, now two generations, are a double blessing. I guess I don't seem to do very much cooking these days considering there is only hubby and me.  I did find some old favorites and of course there are a few of my childhood family goodies.
How blessed we are to see family as often as we like; makes holidays very special. A few years ago I started painting which is something that I had always wanted to do. It's rather thrilling to enjoy God's creation with new eyes, an artist's eyes. I like getting out of doors and painting on site. That is, of course, when the weather is good. Otherwise you'll find me out snapping pictures or in front of my easel at home.

Sometimes I take a brief break from painting to watch tennis. I get glued to the telly when the majors are on. Growing up in the northeastern part of the US, I expect I have always loved the mountains and the ocean but now they are even more beautiful. I can even appreciate the flat lands of Indiana a little bit more.

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