African Green Stew

1/8 cup veg. oil
1 large onion
Hot pepper flakes to taste
1/8 cup palm oil (optional for taste and color)
1 1/2 pounds beef (cubed)
2 tab. Beef base
20 oz. Frozen spinach (chopped)

Sauté together:
Oil and onions, salt and pepper
Hot pepper flakes
Palm oil
Stew beef

Add: 2 cups of water and beef base

Cook until meat is tender. (I often do mine in a pressure cooker)

Add: greens (spinach) and cook until heated through.

Thicken with corn starch if needed.
If you use corn starch, bring stew to a slow boil.

Serve over white rice with butter beans
The African people eat it with their fingers.

This is a recipe from Peggy that her mother used to fix when they lived in West Africa. We love it.


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