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How Did This All Get Started Anyway?
Every year since 1995, the Harvey girls have exchanged recipes.  It began with Karen and 3 daughters-in-law (Cindy, Michelle, and Kari) and now includes another daughter-in-law Sara, Cindy's daughter-in-law Andrea and married daughter Maddie!

In the very beginning the four girls exchanged names and made a personalized cookbook cover for the other.  Karen is holding her original cookbook made by Cindy in the picture above. Here's Cindy's cover made by Kari:

When a new Girl married into the family, one of the original Harvey girls would make a personalized cookbook for the newcomer including all the previous recipes.

Over the years, we always brought a few recipes to the family Christmas get together, and our binder cookbooks began to fill up with meaningful recipes that each of us had grown up with or discovered that year.  We graduated from handwriting each copy to using our computers to print them off with savvy graphics and fonts.

Often we added scripture, poems, personal notes, or anecdotes. 

We wanted to use these cookbooks to get to know each other better, and hoped that it would someday become a conglomeration of the cooking histories of each of us as we melded together into the Extended Harvey Clan.

After a time, we began having a separate Christmas lunch at a restaurant where we exchanged the new recipes.  By 2006 or so, we moved the event to after the rush of the holidays.
 (2005 Luncheon)

Nowdays our cookbooks are overflowing (literally!) with delicious dishes that have been enjoyed by our own families as well as many others at potlucks.  Because we often get requests for these recipes, we thought an online anthology was the next logical step.
(this year's offerings)

So WELCOME, and we hope you'll find something here to delight your own family and friends.  May these recipes bless you and those you love most. 

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Vicki said...

This is wonderful idea! What lovely family. I bet you have some really great recipes!