Beef and Noodles

2 lb chuck roast (shoulder)
2 cups water (or more)
3 tablespoons soup base
3 veggie bouillon cubes (Knorr brand)
Lawry’s seasoned salt
Garlic powder
No Yoke Dumplings Noodles (12oz)
Preheat over to 275 degrees. Put roast in baking dish, coat meat with Lawry’s and Garlic
(rub in). Put 2 cups of water in dish around meat and add beef base and veggie bouillon
cubes (don’t have to be dissolved). Cover tightly with foil and bake for 4 hours. Check with
fork, meat should fall apart when ready. If not done, continue checking about every 15
minutes. When done, pull meat apart and rid of fat and bone. Cook noodles per directions
and add meat and juices to them when done (drain noodle water first!) If you would like
more juices add 1 cup of water and one additional veggie cube to noodles and beef at the
This is my best friends Angie’s recipe. Comfort food!
Kari 2002

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