Red Raspberry Cake and Icing

1 White cake mix
3 TBLS Flour
1 Small Pkg. raspberry Jell-o
1 cup cooking oil
½ cup cold water
4 eggs
10-ounce pkg. frozen red raspberries
Mix dry ingredients. Add oil, water and
eggs. Don’t over beat. Stir in one-half
package of the frozen raspberries to
batter. Bake at 350 or until golden. For
best results use 3- to 8- inch cake pans.
Icing ingredients:
1 stick butter
1 pound (3 ¾ cups) powdered sugar
½ of 10-ounce package red
raspberries thawed.
Mix together until able to be spread.
After making 3 cakes in a row this past October,
I was glad to find such a delicious cake recipe!
Kari 2005

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